5th and 6th Graders are now working on Book BINGO – Board 3 –

                                     Due March 13, 2020

                    5th and 6th Grade Independent Reading Requirement

What: The BINGO Challenge! What do you do? Simply select a BINGO row that has five genres you would like to focus on in the next 5-6 weeks. Pick one text at a time. Read it and complete the Celebration Activity as well as take an AR test on each book. 

When: You have almost 2 months to complete each board. 

Where: Wherever you read independently (school, home, the backyard, to your dog, etc.)

Why: This challenge will not only give you a chance to read new genres, but you may discover a type of book or text that you never knew you liked before.

How: Select your text or book within your Lexile range. Read it and enjoy. After each text or book, complete one of the Celebration Activities. If you demonstrated that you read the text or book, you will cross off that BINGO square. Finish a row before the due date to win the BINGO Challenge!

Other Information:

Celebration Activity Ideas

For each book you read, you must complete a Celebration Activity & take an AR quiz:

  1. Take a quiz on Whooooo’s Reading & Take an AR quiz:
  • Each response must be at least 5 sentences long to receive credit.  You must ‘Perfect Your Writing Skills’ by following the Owl’s directions and receive a 4:4.
  1. Type a Book Summary & Take an AR quiz:
  • Demonstrate your writing skills, include all story elements (i.e. plot, conflict, setting, characters, conflict resolution, etc.).
  1. Type a Book Review & Take an AR quiz:
  • You can type your book review on Google Docs and submit it by email or handwrite in your best handwriting. 
  1. Give a quality Book Talk & Take an AR quiz:
  •  to the class using PowerPoint, a poster or other creative visual. Must be practiced at home beforehand. 
  1. Type a 10 Question Quiz & Take an AR quiz:
  • Questions must be well thought out with options for answers that cause the reader to stop and think! Include an answer key. 
  1. Draw and color a Full-Page Picture & Take an AR quiz:
  • This must include your favorite part and include a Caption Paragraph. You can only do this activity once per board.
  1. You may C-Y-O Celebration Activity & Take an AR quiz: (with teacher approval). 

**This must be approved AHEAD OF TIME, BEFORE YOU DO IT.**