Weekly Homework

Student are currently working on List 9, Week 2

Students will be given vocabulary lists which are part of the reading they will be doing–novel, short story, religion, etc.)

Students study the list for 2 weeks; homework is given Monday – Thursday, with a matching and written quiz on Friday.

Students have the opportunity to quiz themselves online with electronic flash cards, protect the planets from incoming asteroids, and play other games on Quizlet.com.

The vocabulary list’s URL for Quizlet can be found at the top of the paper list OR, you can search for LaurenBatesHC.

Vocabulary Links:

Use these links to study vocabulary, in addition to homework!

Grade 5, List 9:  <a href="https://https://quizlet.com/479785547/list-9-grade-5-ela-vocabulary-esperanza-flash-cards/

Grade 6, List 9:  <a href="https://https://quizlet.com/479788476/list-9-grade-6-ela-vocabulary-freak-the-mighty-flash-cards/


Vocabulary – Monday Side of worksheet; Write the word to match the mixed up meaning; study words and meanings!


Vocabulary – Tuesday Side of worksheet; usually a Quizlet Quiz (Week 1) or a word search (week 2); study words and meanings!


Vocabulary – Wednesday Side of worksheet; Write out the whole meaning of the word; study words and meanings!


Vocabulary – Thursday Side of worksheet; Usually a Quizlet Quiz (Week 1) or a Crossword (Week 2); study words and meanings!

Assessment on Friday!!