6B Brain Builders – 6th Grade Edition

Welcome to 6B –
The Home of the Big Brain Builders – 2019-2020
6th Grade Edition!

The study of Saints by Grade 6

As leaders in the School, the Sixth graders can be found doing the following:
• Partnering – with Preschool, Kindergarten or First Grade on Special Projects
• Duty to Country – Raising and lowering the American flag daily
• Announcers – Providing classes with Morning Prayers, Intentions and Announcements—with a sprinkling of the Joke of the Day!
• Safety Patrol – keeping our students safe at dismissal on stairs and hallways
• Classroom Assistants: Kindergarten and First Grade assisting teacher in readying student for dismissal
• Snack Cart: Working on the Snack Carts to fund-raise for class trip (learning skills like ordering product, pricing, marketing, adding money, making change, running these 2 small businesses.
• Fundraising for Class Trip: Helping as appropriate with fundraising activities for class trip (carrying product, making and selling baked goods, Family BINGO night, etc.)
• Yearbook Club: Creating the school yearbook (collecting and taking pictures, laying out the pages, writing articles, contacting classes, etc.)
6th Graders also have special privileges and activities like:
• Junior Achievement classes (learning how to manage money)
• Dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence People (learning how to introduce yourself, avoiding arguments, keeping the conversation going, etc.…)
• Class Trip – Each year the sixth grade goes on an overnight class trip. This year the class will be traveling to Gettysburg, and stopping at some state parks and attractions along the way! The class tries very hard to make enough money so everyone in 6th grade can go on the trip, without a cost to the student.
• Seabreeze Day in June